CCS: Minutes (Debates)

11/10/10 – Mobile, Web & Game Debate

Topic – PS3 vs. Xbox 360

Proposition is that the PS3 is better than the 360



Simon Osborne

Craig Jones

Dionne Pritchard


XBOX 360:

Meurig Bird

Tom Jenkins

Josh Eyers



Stuart Neil


1st proposition – DP

1st opposition – MB

2nd proposition – CJ

2nd opposition – TJ


No swearing!!!!!


1st Proposition

DP Opens the floor, states that the ps3 is alot better, facts of the ps3, august 17 2009, Jim Riley, 9000 readers, console figure failure rate XBOX360 54.2% PS3 10.6%,

MB states that “red ring” issue abolished

DP claims on personal experience that hardware failure, within 1month – slim version, console contents melted.

DP states that % of users having 2nd hardware fail 360 41.2% PS314.7%

DP 3.8% commended they would not purchase a 360 again, nothing stated about the PS3

TJ interjects – does that mean 96.2% would buy it?

DP responds – they didn’t reply

DP notes, game format print edition

DP addresses games

Each console has different versions of games; little big planet won 95 awards, future, platinum, excellence etc.

Even though halo has awards, the newest release doesn’t have any.

TJ interjects with where the information was gained

DP responds with , all information supplied there along with their sources.

IGN, 1up, game trailers etc.

DP states that mirrors edge and uncharted have also won numerous awards.

DP thanks everyone for listening.


1st Opposition


MB opens for the 1st opposition

MB brings up the failure rate of 360

MB brings forward new safety features of the newest 360 models

MB proposes sales of the 360 vs. ps3, the 360 has a higher amount of sales, 39mil vs. 33mil

MB comments on little big planet, why was it chosen

DP responds because it’s a ps3 exclusive game.

MB responds with Mass Effect for the 360

MB uses figures; mass effect has 1% higher rating.

MB uses Gamespot library.

Gamespot, game quality spreadsheet, assessed by game reviewers, 20% better quality for the 360

MB the PS3 doesn’t have backwards compatibility fully, where the 360 does

MB xbox live has a better developers functionality

MB xbox life has better trophy support

MB Japan has less interest in online play, affecting the ps3

MB xbox360, has better support for functionality for things such as sky, 1080p direct streaming.

MB game sales on the 360 are higher, 360 8.9% vs. PS3 6.1%

MB multi plats are better on 360, due to windows live cross compatibility.









2nd Proposition

CJ comparison of the newest versions of the consoles

CJ compares the specs of the consoles

CJ proposes that the core of the ps3 has better quality

CJ states that the ps3 has a better clock speed, even though its equal spec core.

CJ 7 single cores vs. 3 dual cores

CJ hardware introduced into the 360 to downgrade it with increased latency, so it runs equal to older models

CJ xbox total ram misleading, ps3 has higher quality ram.

CJ ps3 has a blu-ray player

CJ xbox360 has 1080p but only requires 720p

CJ ps3 has an advantage with blu-ray for gaming and movies

CJ ps3 is more expensive, but has better features.

CJ ps3 has the ps3move, compared to 360 kinnect.

CJ claims ps3move has better sales, taken from

CJ 360 controller is clunky, heavy battery, compared to ps3.

CJ points out the advantages of the ps3 controller, wireless, Bluetooth, slimmer battery.













2nd opposition

TJ thanks the opposition

TJ CPU and gpu, argument proposed to be invalid, according to web sources. Gamespot etc.

TJ 360 gpu design is more flexible, better performance compared to ps3

TJ memory system bandwidth on the ps3 is 3x higher on the ps3

TJ ps3 CPU cell processor is harder to program for

TJ 360 uses direct x, whereas ps3 doesn’t

TJ 360 uses windows media center, so you can sync content with your home system, movies/pictures/etc.

TJ ps3 used Linux to develop, but its now been removed.

TJ ps3 uses 1080p, but 1080i is what the games use, 1080i is up scaled from 720p

TJ ps3move, kinnect has already doubled the sales. provides the stats

TJ Bluetooth worst quality due to latency/transfer speed compared to a wired connection

TJ voice party chat on 360, where the Bluetooth headsets on ps3 are distorted and unable to support group chat

TJ battery packs, using an example of battery charging on the ps3 is difficult if you want to play the console as the cable is short, where the 360 has a lengthy cable so you can charge and play


Proposition Summary


“Rocky soundtrack intro”


SO makes summary for the proposition.

Thanks the opposition.

Just to summarise what DP & CJ said, the ps3 is better than the 360, due to the higher rate of hardware failure.

The ps3 offers free online, gaming etc.

360 costs £40 a year to use online.

360 has had numerous issues with disc scratching.

Ps3 has no renound issues with disc scratching

Ps3 has Bluetooth, blu-ray and updatable hardware


Opposition Summary

JE makes the summary for the opposition

JE thanks the proposition

Sales crituqe are in the favour of the 360

Higher sales for the 360 & higher games attachment rate

Kinnect has a higher preorder rate than the ps3move’s current sale rate.

Game sales and critics

Quality and quantity of sales higher on the 360, source Gamespot

Mass Effect > Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet not exclusive on the PS3, Available on the Play station portable shows that halo sales are 8.9mil

MW2 higher sales x2 on the 360 compared to the ps3

360 less hardware yet better to develop on.

HD streaming on the 360.

Both consoles run on 720p, even though ps3 claims to use 1080p

360 loads faster compared to ps3

Battery on a 360 easy to replace once its dead, ps3 you need to replace the entire controller

Modifying the internal of a PS3 voids warranty, where the 360 is easily accessible for customization.

PS3 Voice flawed, interference, etc.

360 has less online restrictions, due to the ps3 having limitations from Japan

360 offer more diversity for the general public, through indie gaming, sky functionality etc.

In summary, the 360, even though it has flaws, still leads the market in sales and is the overall gamers choice.


SN addresses the Proposition and Opposition

Points to cover:


Quality of arguments

Discuss winners

Which console SN will purchase

Who’s the winner of the argument

More heckling, support team more, more involvement compared to last week

Team A (360) has higher knowledge base compared to Team B (PS3), due to a high investment into the topic.

SN will be purchase…………….. PS3

360 team lead a good argument for a console that has noticeable flaws

Today’s winner was the 360 Team.


Managed to sell an inferior product, made it sound like it was an equal.



Both teams gave balanced views




Debate – Does extra terrestrial life exist?

Mr Speaker – Stuart Neil

TEAM ET – Proposition

Dionne Pritchard

Josh Eyers

Adam Jones

Chris Coughlin

TEAM HOAX – Opposition

Becky Brown

Tom Jenkins

Meurig Bird

Simon Osborne


1st Speaker – Chris Coughlin

2nd Speaker – Adam Jones


1st Speaker – Simon Osborne

2nd Speaker- Tom Jenkins

1st Proposition

For argument – CC

Extra terrestrial life that does not come from planet earth

Bacteria organisms that are not like humans

Point of order – MB Proof

10% of the stars have undiscovered planets in the solar system

‘’Theoretical Physics’’ website mentioned to show the statistics where evidence has been claimed.

Diagram 1 – The scientifically chart, habitable life on Mars when the sun was smaller than it is now.

Opposition try to stall proposition

Venus & Mars have water on the planets and have potential life forms. The catalyst is water so there may be life creation on the planets.

These planets are likely to have inhabitants and they will evolve.

Scientific Fact – Ozone layer disintegrating and one day the Earth will become inhabitable.

Evolution is part of the discussion

Highly respected scientists such as Stephen Hawking have researched the topic in detail.

1st Opposition

Against argument- SO

Points out there is no evidence of there being ET life

‘’Seeing is believing’’

Stephen Hawking – The burden of truth is on the claimant. No one has proof that UFO’s do or do not exist. NASA Astronomer 2002

Without the journal, it is an unsupported claim

There are planets that may have ET life

There is no concrete evidence that there are bacteria organisms

Proposition try to throw opposition

‘’Evidence is only testimonial’’

Statics – No verifiable evidence has been recorded. Abductions have been rein acted but there is no proof

No photos or videos or evidence. AJ says there will be evidence when he speaks in the rebuttal stage

What is the difference between scientific theories – belief? Treating it like a religion?

2nd Proposition

For argument – JE

Opened argument with thanks to the opposition

Contrast to what the opposition have said

No reference to alien abductions from proposition

Look into research about the NASA journal has now been updated

Stephen Hawking 2010 – ‘’Aliens are more likely to exist but states we should not contact them.’’

Mathematically, Scientifically & Statistically plausible claims

Point of Order -Writing a book – why does that have to have a point? JE is telling a story.

Fact or Fiction? Argument heats up – no argument from MB

Reiterates that JE is telling story and not showing evidence.

MB tries to contradict and rebuttal the argument

JE Krypton is a gas, scientific evidence and asked SO to look at the periodic table.


No mention of space, opposition tried to claim but MB has no argument

Diagram 2 & 3

Yoda, Roswell showing alien evidence (Area 51)

2nd Opposition

Against argument – MB

MB thanks proposition

Talks about images shown by JE, no source of proof – where did the evidence.

NASA wanted more intersest – so picture was released.

NASA made claims bacteria organism data during at the time of 1969 on the moon landing

High publicity to try and get tax payers money to show interest in NASA

Inquiry to change of speaker not mentioned – objection by SN

Probability numbers could go either way of ET life being real or a hoax

Summary – AJ

Thanks the opposition team

The proposition have shown credible facts and sources to why ET life exists

No proof to why the proposition is wrong AJ stalls

‘’It’s like Dragons Den’’

Mind has gone blank

AJ refers to Team Hoax have their own opinions and no evidence of scientific or theoretical facts.

Opposition did try to discredit the theory of ET life

Stephen Hawking is a highly acclaimed scientist and the opposition has heckled his theories.

Crystallised water has been found on Mars

1961 first travel to the moon. Other planets could be a 100 years away from our evolution in life.

The theory of evolution – Charles Darwin

Summary – TJ

Thanks the proposition

Numbers and theory – no imperial physical evidence

Lack of evidence to show there is ET life

Picture has no source or proof

Scientist’s opinions change depending on discoveries

Stephen Hawking 2010

Based on probability, however he has expressed many non-biased points on the subject along with our original quote, in his own words, whether or not statistics are in favor of E.T life.

Evidence is shown there is now proof that they exist.

Theory & Belief TJ says the proposition ‘’You have defined no line between a theoretical idea and a belief, we are not here to debate whether religion is real or not, however probabilities.’’

Open floor discussion

SN Photo’s can be manipulated; Video evidence is still not enough proof

‘’Seeing is believing, maybe not’’

Argument Winner – TEAM HOAX

MWG Minutes from the iPad debate 04/10/10

SN introduces as the speaker (adjudicator)

SN welcomes debaters, asking that all debaters please keep to the rules and keep

a respectful understanding.

The debate will be undertaken on the Apple Ipad.

CJ opens up the 1

st Proposition.CJ address the opposition, he is representing the Ipad

Compact comfortable



App store sheer size of available apps

Ibooks competitor to the kindle

Colour interactive display

Defending the price, of the device by inputting on a device for chatting

Gaming on the IPad to show its capability compared to offer

AJ interjects with lack of Flash capabilities

CJ responds with the input of a new patch in November for the capability to use


CC opens up the 1

st OppositionCC thanks the stated case of the previous chairs

CC puts forwards concerns in size functional but not handheld size and weight 3x

the size of the IPod Touch and 6x the weight.

CC claims it’s a glorified IPod Touch

ZH puts forward the challenge of being able o do presentations and the ability to

use keynotes

CC retorts with the none ability to not be able to present these keynotes without

more accessories

The lack of capability is not able to be ungraded easily

No colour screen is brought up about the kindle.

ZH opens the floor for the 2

nd PropositionPrice concerns are brought up

A discredit is brought up on the opposition’s side

Reasons for an Ipad

Quicker use for the Ipad to view Videos

Internet capabilities for the Ipad is brought up by AJ

Competitors are talked about as showing improvements but people are still

sticking with the capabilities of the Ipad

AJ brings up the point of slow updates with the apple Products.

Luxury item people don’t need but still want it.

CB opens the floor for the 2

nd Opposition.CB contradicts the sales figures of the Apple brand

Nothing new to do with the creations

Cheap slander in contrast to the price of the Ipad

ZH retorts with the fact that the Ipad is on at all times taking away the fact that

the Ipad needs a start up time

CB retorts with the resolutions of the display of the Ipad.

Why would you need all 3 of the Apple products if you already own all of the

products already why have a ipad if you have a Iphone you are purchasing the

same product

SO retorts with the fact that the screen size is a much better capabilities for Films

during Journeys, Less strain on eyes.


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