Year One: Process Project

Year 1, Mobile, Game & Web Design


The aim of this presentation is to process my iPhone application iFanChat and show how IM has been revolutionized since the late 1990’s to what it does today and how it is used worldwide.

iFanChat was my original idea for my first project as I think football fans across the world will want to use this application on a daily basis and be able to talk to other fans about what their opinions are at any time.


I feel that there are not many apps or websites that have chat online sport wise or have everything in one app or website. So i have decided to create an iPhone application that has everything all in one.
How IM Evolved

The main area of how IM evolved is down to the integration of text and voice over the internet. A main example would be Skype. IM has evolved from just using it on a computer to now using it anywhere in the world on your phone.
Many instant messaging services offer video conferencing features, Voice Over IP, and web conferencing services. Web conferencing services integrate both video conferencing and instant messaging capabilities.

This video shows how IM is used these days

Integration to iPhone

When the iPhone first come out there was no IM apps until Meebo was released, and from there, lots since have been released with more technology introduced.
From there Skype and facebook have been released so you can talk on the move so you can communicate and share with others 24 hours a day.

Market Research

After looking into iPhone SDK, I decided I was going to use this to create my iPhone application.

How my idea is processed

My idea was processed by looking at previous IM applications on the iPhone and using them to create ideas for iFanChat. I decided to use the meebo style layout so you have to login and then you are directed to the chat rooms where you choose which team room you want to go to. My ideas were then put into the app creating a chat style app whilst also showing latest news and results for that team whilst chatting.


iFanChat currently has the Premiership, Championship, League One and Two.
Select your team and use iFanChat to keep up to date with:
League Tables, match results, Live updates for current matches, Upcoming fixtures, News.
In my opinion I feel that processing iFanChat is successful as all my ideas fit into the app nicely and also it is very simple and easy to create.
Improvements would be to create voice over chat using a skype based theme and have push notifications to notify the user when they receive news or messages when not using the application.

iFooty application for iPhone
Meebo application for iPhone
iPhone SDK

If there are any questions, feel free to ask.


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