Year 2: Concept and Realise

The Concept and Realise project proved hard for me as I wanted to look into a subject that had not been researched properly yet, and that was using the XBOX Kinect as a 3d device for certain uses such as Video communication, 3D gaming and many other possibilities.

    • The main aim of this project is to look at 3D gaming within the Xbox Kinect and see if 3D is possible with sports style games.
    • The objectives of this project are to see if 3D is possible with the Kinect and if so how to integrate this into a potential sports game.
    • Week 1 – Research into Kinect, Brainstorming, Finding potential ideas into project.
    • Week 2 – Research into 3D aspect of Kinect, Kinect Sports 2D Reviews.
    • Week 3 – Came up with Idea for Kinect Sports 3D, Research into styles of sports that can be used within the game.
    • Week 4 – Further research into how to make the game realistic and using the Kinect to see how it works.
    • Week 5 – Start looking at how my advert for this game can look like (e.g pov style advert, different camera angles, suspense etc…) Started to blog research and blog videos.
    • Week 6 – Start creation on my final concept video and presentation.
    • Week 7 – Finish video and presentation and set myself time incase anything went wrong or items missing.
    • Week 8 – Correct errors on video e.g skipping of the video and blank bits in between scenes.
    • After doing research and posting this on my blog, and brainstorming I came up with a potential idea of creating a Kinect Sports 3D version.
    • I also had to test out the old version of Kinect Sports (the current version) to see what the gameplay was like and to see if the type of sports at the moment were realistic compared to the ones i would potentially be using.
This is my final advert for my presentation:



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