Entrepreneurship and Professional Practice

In this module i was introduced into Max MSP. It is software that enables the user to create both visual and audio designs in multimedia.

It is produced by Cycling74. The software was first written by Miller Puckette in the 1980′s so that musicians could have a digital connection with music and media.


I researched into Max MSP and looked at YouTube videos to find out what type of sound and visual techniques were used.

As this was brand new software and I had never heard of it before and considering the fact I had no experience whatsoever, I attempted to complete some tutorials in order for me to get used to the software and understand the techniques used.

Me and coursemate, Simon Owens decided to look at the tutorials. The first tutorial was a brief introduction into the basic functions of Max MSP and what the basic foundations of the software. i found out that stepping stones such as ‘objects’, ‘messages’ and ‘floats’ were the foundations of any Max MSP patch.

This screenshot shows all the tutorials that can be completed. I was able to understand the software and learn what I needed to do to use the software efficiently.

I tried to make a working object, however I was unsuccessful and had to to trial and error techniques to find out why. I carried on with the tutorials and found there were other components I needed in order to create a working audio object. There were elements such as ‘bang’ messages and ‘speaker’ objects that were required within the patch in order for my operation to function.

I then decided to do another experiment where I would create a working object that produced audio feedback.

I created objects that would eventually control the majority of my operation. I linked the two together with the primary number object controlling the other. By scrolling my mouse up and down, the numerical data I read about in a tutorial was displayed. The same number was displayed in the secondary object.

After that, I was able to start adding other objects into the equation. Firstly I incorporated a simple button object that was linked to the primary and secondary number objects. This button would flash when the numerical data is changed. I then added the speaker object, which enables the audio to be switched on or off. Then I added a blank object but typed in cycle~ in order for audio to flow. The tindle ( ~ ) is an MSP aspect of the software.

The next object to be used was the ‘Math:Multiply’ object. This object symbol is ( *~ ). Again you can see the tindle for the audio aspect of Max 5. The objects were linked together via their inlet and outlets and then finally the math object was connected to both sides of the speaker object. I finally locked the patch in order to test this operation. I was successful after experimentating and was able to create a working audio object in Max MSP.


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