Year 2 : People Project – Test

Brief Two – Interface Redesign

For my people project I have decided to create a new appliance added to the iPhone. I have decided to create a pen device that works on the iPhone and it can also fit inside the iPhone when not being used as not to have worries about where the pen is.

First of all I done research into using a pen device on the iPhone and whether it would be useful enough to create one for people who either struggle with texting and general use of the iPhone and a pen would be more fitting for them apart from scrolling and other methods that needs fingers or hands.

Test one

For my original test the user opened the “Messages” application, he has then attempted a simple text saying the words “hello world” with his fingers.

Test one result

The user found this frustrating as it was time consuming and the user found that his fingers were pressing the wrong buttons sometimes and he had to go back and re type that letter in.  The user suggested that making the letters more accessible in order to make the prototype more practical. So I suggested the idea of creating a pen pointing device that would make texting more practical.


After looking at pen devices I come across [] and this gave me a bit of insight as to how the pens worked and whether I could use them for other aspects of the iPhone such as gaming. I found that and I quote “Also, because the surface is flat, and not sharp and pointy, it is still difficult to draw and write notes with precision.”

The web page also states “Unfortunately, to date there is no iPad/iPhone compatible stylus on the market that sorts a sharp tip. So I decided that maybe a thin pointy pen would be more useful so I will redesign my interface with a thin pen pointing device but also be careful as potentially if pushing too hard on the iPhone with the pen it could crack the iPhone.

Test two

For my second test I redesigned the interface accordingly and after finding my data from the previous test and research, I decided to create a thin pen pointing device that could be used for drawing/messages and using basic applications. The user then text the same text as before and also browsed the internet.

Test two result

The user found that is was more sufficient and could be completed quicker and with fewer mistakes. After browsing the internet and found that typing in addresses and browsing and zooming was easier.


After creating my prototype I found that texting was more practical because the tip was thin enough not to get in the way of the other letters. I also found that browsing the internet was more practical as typing addresses was quicker and also double clicking the pen device against the iPhone made the browser zoom to that area. The lifecycle model I used was to use testing methods with a user who familiarised in products to do with pen stylus devices and asked for feedback after every test to conduct ideas that made my protoype more interactive and practical whilst also covering safety issues such as tip issues incase it’s too thin.


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