Year 2: People Project – Research

Touch Screens

Customer satisfaction is greater among users of smartphones and handsets sporting touch screens than among those whose wireless phones require other input methods, according to two new J.D. Power surveys released.

The survey measuring customer satisfaction among smartphone owners in the U.S. found that smartphones with touch screens ranked 771 out of 1,000 points, a full 40 points higher than smartphones without a touch screen. A little more than half of owners said their smartphone has a touch screen. Though touch screens aren’t as prevalent on traditional mobile phones, satisfaction with those devices reached 756 points on the scale, 53 points higher than the industry average, the survey of traditional-handset owners showed.

Smartphones were ranked for ease of operation, operating system, physical design, features, and battery power. Traditional handsets were graded for their operation, overall design, features, and battery life. Individual scores in each category were added up to create a total grade for each different brand of popular phones.

Among smartphone manufacturers, Apple hit the No. 1 spot for overall satisfaction with a score of 810, followed by BlackBerry maker Research In Motion with a grade of 741. Among companies who make traditional handsets, LG won the top spot by scoring 729, following by Sanyo at 712 and Samsung at 703.

Pen Devices

TouchTec Pen iPhone/iPad Stylus Review

photo10 1024x813 TouchTec Pen iPhone/iPad Stylus Review

The TouchTec pen is a new product from the creators of the TouchTec gloves that we are super crazy about. The TouchTec Pen is a “Multi-function Capacitive Touch Screen Stylus and Ball Point Pen”. In other words, it’s a pen that also can operate as a iPad/iPhone stylus. There are quite a few iPhone/iPad compatible styluses out there on the market, but what makes the TouchTec Pen unique is that it also doubles as a pen.

 TouchTec Pen iPhone/iPad Stylus Review

Available in silver, with a pink version coming soon, the TouchTec Pen is a lightweight and sleek pen with a clean modern aesthetic. At the top of the TouchTec pen there is a flat round surface where the TouchTec leather material is attached. This side of the pen is what you use when you’re operating your iPad/iPhone with it.

photo9 150x150 TouchTec Pen iPhone/iPad Stylus Reviewphoto22 150x150 TouchTec Pen iPhone/iPad Stylus Reviewphoto41 150x150 TouchTec Pen iPhone/iPad Stylus Review TouchTec Pen iPhone/iPad Stylus Review

The iPad and iPhone both have a healthy amount of fun drawing Apps available for them, but it’s really difficult to draw anything serious with your fingers. If you want to draw something serious, you really need a stylus. The TouchTec pen works well, its surface tip is responsive and does great with popular drawing apps. However, because its surface is round and flat, it doesn’t always work when you try to draw by tipping the TouchTec pen at an extreme angle – because some of its surface area needs to have contact with the screen. Also, because the surface is flat, and not sharp and pointy, it is still difficult to draw and write notes with precision. Granted, using the TouchTec Pen is a big improvement over using your fingers, but it isn’t going to be precise as a Wacom Tablet Pen. Unfortunately, to date there is no iPad/iPhone compatible stylus on the market that sports a sharp tip. Also, in comparison to the competing Pogo Stylus – which sports a foam-like tip that has been known to wear down pretty quickly, the TouchTec Pen’s leather tip is more likely to last longer.

Overall, the TouchTec pen offers you a better alternative to carrying around both a pen and a stylus. It will also work on most touchscreen devices like the Droid, Nexus One, Palm Pre, iPhone, iPad, and so on. The TouchTec Pen retails for $20.00, and at that price, the price sure is right. For $14.95 you could pick up the competing Pogo stylus, or for five dollars more you can get a stylus that doubles as a pen – kind of a no brainer, right?

The Good: It’s a pen and touchscreen stylus in one! Lightweight, thin profile

The Bad: Flat round tip isn’t good for precision drawings



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