Year 2: Umbro Live

Umbro Live

Day 1(23/01/2010) – 1st team meeting at Royal George.
For this project so far I have been given the research tasks by my team manager.
Research: In reasearch about Umbro, Ted Baker for possible collaboration, acrylic markers and shoe customization.

Umbro – The Company:
“Umbro, Ltd., a subsidiary of NIKE, Inc., is the original Manchester based football brand that invented sportswear and sports tailoring. Umbro’s first major football kit was made for Manchester City in 1934, a kit they won the FA Cup in. Today, the company combines its heritage in sports tailoring with modern football culture to create groundbreaking and iconic football apparel, footwear and equipment that blend performance and style.”

Umbro is a successful brand in the professional football world, although it is far behind when it comes to daily use, fashionable and stylish brand. The brand products do not attract the 16-24 age group no matter which class they are.
One of the reasons being Umbro not investing into casual, daily shoe, the logo is not attractive enough and usually the size of the logo taking a huge part of the shoe, Umbro not being adventurous enough with colours, materials, technology and design for the off pitch shoes.
This will be our are of focus make something never done by Umbro or any other shoe brand, making the brand the engine that kick start the shoe revolution and future.
The Umbro footwear line:

Possible Collaborators
Among the possible collaborators we have 3 from the brief, Selfridges, Barney’s and Colette, and Ted Baker. This shops shoes are top design and high quality material although none have the specifications we are aiming for.

Acrylic Pen Markers
After looking around in the shops we found a decent acrylic pen marker at £2.50 each on InkSpot, Newport Road. If we decide to play around with shoe concept it will be helpful for the quick 3D view of the design.
Product page:


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